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The Conundrum of Gluten Sensitivity and Autoimmunity, Why the Tests are Often Wrong.


Many of us believe that the toxic peptides of gluten found in wheat, rye and barley may detrimentally affect any tissue in the body and are not restricted to the intestines. As a matter-of-fact, one of the ‘mantras’ of the Gluten Sensitivity network comes from an 8-yr old article: “That gluten sensitivity is regarded as principally a disease of the small bowel is a historical misconception.” There is a key word in this statement which I suspect was an emphasis of the Author’s message and sets the tone for this article (and this Network Movement). That key word is ‘principally’. Is Gluten Sensitivity ‘principally’ a disease of the small intestine? Point-blank answer – No it is not. For every Gluten Sensitive patient with the symptoms of an enteropathy (Classic Celiac Disease), there are 8 with no GI symptoms.

And what is the importance of recognizing this? Unfortunately, too many doctors will tell their patients that if the intestinal symptoms are not severe, or if there is no advanced intestinal damage (total villous atrophy), then the patient does not need to be vigilant in avoiding gluten exposure at all costs.  Read Full Article Here…

Dr Tom and Sean Croxton Discuss Glutenza

Reproductive Health and Celiac Disease

Reproductive Health and Celiac Disease
by: Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Alice Bast, Elizabeth Bast

Celiac disease’s potentially negative effect on reproductive health is among the most pressing matters associated with advancing awareness. Men and women with unexplained infertility, women with recurrent abortions, intrauterine growth retardation, low birth weight babies and menstrual disorders are rarely screened for celiac disease despite scientific studies that indicate a correlation. Read More.

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Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease

Dr. Tom and Sean Croxton

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The Conundrum of Gluten Sensitivity

The Conundrum of Gluten Sensitivity with Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo

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“Predicitive Antibody Testing”

Dr Tom with Martie Whittekin

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