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Reintroduce Gluten : Gluten Sensitivity Testing

Question: Do I have to reintroduce gluten in order to have an accurate gluten sensitivity test done?

Answer: Yes and No

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Gluten Sensitivity: Real Disorder, Real Symptoms

There’s a lot of confusion about gluten sensitivity. Some say it doesn’t exist. Others think going gluten free without celiac disease is unnecessary and is just a fad. But science now confirms what glutensensitive patients and their doctors have known for years: Gluten sensitivity is a real disorder with defined symptoms that can affect any part of the body.  Read More

Top 3 Tips for Better Health

It can be a challenge to establish good health habits with today’s hectic lifestyle. And if you’re one of the millions living with a chronic condition, it can be even harder. Too often we neglect our health until a health crisis — such as celiac disease or gluten sensitivity — forces us to examine how we live and make some serious changes. The practices we develop in this space require time and effort, but the rewards are tremendous. Positive lifestyle changes can propel you to a healthier, happier place than you have ever known.   Read More

Taken as a group, autoimmune diseases are the third leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the industrialized world, only surpassed by cancer and heart disease. Many autoimmune diseases are chronic diseases that progress over the course of years and are characterized by the presence of autoantibodies that precede the overt disease. Autoantibodies may also predict specific clinical manifestation, disease severity, and rate of progression, as well as specific clinical phenomena, such as autoimmune pregnancy loss.

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The most significant development in our understanding of autoimmunity in the last 5 years relates to our ability to predict autoimmune diseases. Predictivity of autoimmunity For more than two decades, the detection of serum autoantibodies has been used for the diagnosis and classification of autoimmune diseases. In addition, some autoantibodies have a prognostic significance or are used as markers for disease activity. In recent years a new piece in the mosaic of autoimmunity has clearly emerged – namely, the predictive value of autoantibodies.

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Detecting Autoimmunity Early w/ Dr. Thomas O’Bryan and Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness

Dr. Tom O’Bryan — Sean Croxton’s favorite gluten expert — returns to the Underground Wellness show to discuss predictive antibody testing.  Autoimmune disease has swifty risen from obscurity to the number 3 cause of morbidity and mortality in the industrialized world. Learn how a test developed by Cyrex Labs can catch autoimmunity before it catches you.  July 2, 2012

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Dr. Tom O’Bryan and Sean Croxton discuss The Musculoskeletal Connection to Gluten and Autoimmune Disease

A wonderful interview during the Paleo Summit of Underground Wellness. A must listen for all. The most basic Paleo Diet recommendation is the removal of gluten. But did you know that gluten sensitivity goes well beyond the digestive tract? Dr. O’Bryan reveals the latest research on how gluten consumption may lead to autoimmune disease, osteoporosis, and muscle pain without digestive symptoms.

February, 2012

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