Vibrant Wellness Wheat Zoomer and Vibrant Celiac Genetics

This duo combines the Wheat Zoomer and Celiac Genetics tests saving you money.


This test is designed to distinguish between celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, non-gluten wheat sensitivity, and other autoimmune diseases triggered by gluten. It also includes the market’s most comprehensive biomarker panel to identify intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome). The Wheat Zoomer has been validated at 99% specificity and sensitivity.

Vibrant Wellness Celiac HLA Genetics

Includes the genes associated with celiac disease.

HLA (DQ2 and DQ8) genotyping with relative risk assessment.

Specimen: buccal swabs.

Your test includes a 45 minute Interpretation of your results with Michelle Ross, Director of Clinical Services. Please Note: The test interpretation consultation must take place within 3 months of placing the test order.

Orders accepted from United States only.

Vibrant Wellness tests are not available in New York State.
Vibrant Wellness Laboratories is not contracted with any insurance provider.

Vibrant Wellness covers a flat rate with contracted labs for the phlebotomy services associated with their test kits requiring a blood draw.  Depending on the location and lab, additional draw fees may be required.  Vibrant has a national contract with the Any Lab Test Now, Arc Point Labs and OMI (Open Medicine Institute) franchises.  If one of the labs is not located in your area, Vibrant Wellness Phlebotomy Services Manager will assist with finding a blood draw site. If you live in a remote location, you may need to travel a distance or ask your local physician to assist with phlebotomy.

Price: $548.00

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