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The Fix Your Brain Recipe Book

From You Can Fix Your Brain by Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Every recipe is...

Featuring over 70 recipes from chefs and health professionals including: Nanette Achziger, Dave Asprey, Josh Axe, Hyla Cass, Trevor Cates, Alan Christianson, Heather Dub, Damien Dube, Shannon Garrett, Donna Gates Randy Hartnell, Andrea Nakayama, Christa Orecchio, Cynthia Pasquella, Ocean Robbins, Elaine De Santos, Lisa Stimmer, JJ Virgin, and Izabella Wentz.

I’m a “PRETTY good” cook. Not great, but pretty good. It would be silly of me to think I know all of the great recipes to give you a wide variety to choose from and see which ones you and your family will like.

So I sent out a request to many of my colleagues in the world of health, heath care, and education: “Send me one of each of your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, and I’ll put them in my book and give you the credit.” I explained that they need to fit these criteria:

• Easy to make
• Gluten-, dairy-, and sugar-free
• Family friendly (all members of a family will like it)
• Support the brain and brain function

Here they are. I’ve tried many of them, and they’re fabulous. I hope you find a few that are “wins” for you and your family. 

Remember, these are not ordinary recipes, and they don’t come from ordinary people. These contributors are world experts in the field of health care who over the years have developed these recipes, targeting healthier brain function. I hope these recipes tickle your taste buds as they fuel your immune system and stimulate the rebuilding of healthier brain cells. Enjoy!

-Dr. Tom O’Bryan

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