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Transform your practice with the most comprehensive practitioner education available on Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivities, Wheat-Related Disorders and Autoimmunity.

Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner

Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s Personal Journey…

I discovered the world of wheat-related problems about 40 years ago when my ex-wife and I were struggling with fertility issues. After putting together a protocol, we got pregnant in 6 weeks. Years later, wheat reared its ugly head again in my family.

My 82-year-old godmother had mildly elevated liver enzymes. They just said to cut back on the alcohol. She never drank. They never looked into it.

After years of elevated liver enzymes, she was suddenly rushed to the hospital for intense stomach pain. Only 4% of her liver was functioning. The strain caused her blood vessels to burst and caused internal hemorrhaging. After 6 surgeries, she was eventually sent home to die. They didn’t know if she had 2 weeks or 2 months left, but they said she was not long for this world.

I had her tested for celiac disease. Results were positive. She had gone undiagnosed for years and the damage it caused was now threatening her life. She defied her odds and continued to live another year and a half, simply by following a gluten-free diet. What was her official cause of death? Cancer of the liver. What was the secondary cause? Undiagnosed celiac disease.

Her story is not unique. The doctors never checked. The science was there. Sometimes the only indication of celiac disease is elevated liver enzymes.

I have since made it my mission to educate people about food sensitivities and autoimmune conditions. After 30+ years, my work has just begun.

Autoimmunity remains the #3 cause of death. Food sensitivities are a common trigger to the immune response that causes autoimmunity. Gluten is one of the top offending foods.

I invite you to enhance your education and practice. Become a Certified Gluten-free Practitioner (CGP), and get the information you need to better meet the needs of your community and improve patient outcomes.



Neil N., M.D.
Board Certified Family Practice

“This is a fantastic primer course in understanding the issues with wheat, gluten and autoimmunity. Dr. O'Bryan is an amazing and passionate teacher who educates and inspires us all to become better clinicians and better healers.”

Stop Drowning and Find Your Way to Shore

Do you have patients/clients that insist they are following doctor’s orders to a “T”, yet they don’t appear to be improving as anticipated?

When patients find themselves in the pond of autoimmunity, and they are directly under a waterfall pounding them keeping them down, they may need a life jacket. This is when medications are employed. The often overlooked part of treatment is figuring out the root cause. What is in that waterfall that keeps them sick? As good practitioners, we must search upstream to uncover the source(s).

Regardless of your healthcare specialty, food sensitivities and autoimmune mechanisms may be underlying whatever condition is affecting your patient or client.

Over 300 autoimmune conditions have now been linked to gluten as a potential trigger. Once you eliminate the trigger and support the body’s healing process, you can arrest the progression of and sometimes even reverse symptoms.

“I applaud Dr. Tom on his ability to take the completely confusing world of gluten and turn it into the completely invigorating program that has ignited a desire for me to reach out to my clients and assist them with their health journey in a much more specific way. ...I plan to do this deep dive with my clients to help them regain their health! Thanks Dr. Tom for a phenomenal course!”


Karen D.
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Identify Early Biomarkers and Symptoms of Autoimmunity

If you don’t fix what’s causing the problem, you can’t get better. You need to search for the root causes that are making them sick, and eliminate them.

Predictive Autoimmunity now gives us the tools to identify the underlying mechanisms years before tissue damage is extensive enough to produce organ dysfunction and debilitating symptoms. Yet many of our clients struggle to get properly diagnosed until after they are on the autoimmune spectrum exhibiting several symptoms and multiple health concerns.

The CGP Program takes you from start to finish – early identification, recognizing signs and symptoms, testing, how food sensitivities can trigger an autoimmune cascade, and protocols to follow to arrest the progression of and potentially reverse symptoms.

The Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner Course gives you the hard science, research and tools to help your clients/patients on a deeper level. Learn how to arrest the progression of, prevent, and sometimes even reverse symptoms of autoimmune conditions. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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A Few Course Highlights:

Arm yourself with the tools, education and techniques to improve patient wellness.

What Happens After I Register?

You’ll receive a CGP Course Access email, so you can log in and get started right away. You’ll have 90 days to complete the course. Extensions are granted, if needed.

The sooner you become a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner, the sooner you’ll start enjoying access to the CGP Member Center, benefits, and training opportunities.

Course materials include: 9 video training modules, supporting documents, printable PDFs of lecture slides, knowledge check quizzes with each module, study guides, research articles, lab test webinar transcripts, and more. Upon graduation, course materials are accessible for future reference in the Member Center.


Jeannette W.

“I loved the course. I have been in the medical field for a long time and much of what I just learned was never really covered. I look forward to educating the public about the effects of wheat and gluten! Dr. Tom O'Bryan has done a fantastic job with the CGP course.”

A Sneak Peek Into Our Curriculum

Module 1

The Emergence of a New Specialty – Autoimmunology

Module 2

The Stages of Development in the Spectrum of Autoimmunity

Module 3

Gluten Sensitivity is Not Limited to Intestinal Manifestations

Module 4

The Differences Between Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity and Other Wheat-Related Disorders

Module 5

Recognizing, Identifying and Correcting Systemic Inflammation and Pathogenic Intestinal Permeability

Module 6

Predictive Autoimmunity – “An Ounce of Prediction is Worth a Pound of Protocols”

Module 7

Review of Protocols to Address Inflammation and Compromised Intestinal Barrier Function and Gut Flora

Module 8

Functional Lab Testing – The current state of lab testing​ for gluten and wheat sensitivities, intestinal permeability, and early detection of autoimmune-related​ antibodies

Module 9

Building a Better Practice – Business building, marketing strategies and best legal practices

CGP Member Benefits

Your training does not end upon graduation. We believe it’s incredibly important to support our CGPs with ongoing education, resources and tools after they graduate. The CGP course includes one full year of access to these benefits.


Exclusive CGP Member Resource Center

Access the latest scientific research, training webinar recordings, marketing tools, patient/client education handouts, and course materials in one place.


Ongoing Training for CGPs

Enjoy frequent live training webinars on functional lab testing, new research, protocols, and best business practices, so you can stay ahead of the curve.


Exclusive Discounts

Receive generous discounts and special pricing on products from theDr.com including nutritional supplements, lab testing, and other wellness tools to support your practice.


Practice Building Through Education

Host your own educational seminars with a powerful presentation that covers celiac disease and gluten sensitivities, their many manifestations, and how to test.


Listing on TheDr.com

Expand your client base. Get your contact information listed on our “Find a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner” map.


Patient/Client Education Material

​Empower your patients with vital knowledge using professional handouts, guides and current research.


Use of the Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner Logo

The CGP brand helps you promote and distinguish yourself as a trained practitioner in the fields of wheat-related disorders and autoimmunity.


Private Facebook Community

Find support as you connect with colleagues, ask questions, share clinical strategies, and new research.

"As a Certified Gluten-free Practitioner I really appreciate the ongoing educational training Dr. Tom provides exclusively for the CGP community. Dr. Tom keeps us up to date on the latest research and teaches us how to apply the new information in our practices. The CGP Facebook community is also a wonderful resource for asking questions and sharing ideas with fellow colleagues!"


Jaime Ward

Frequently Asked Questions

The Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner (CGP) Program is designed for all types of wellness professionals (both licensed and non-licensed), including MDs, NDs, RDs, RNs, Chiropractors, Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists and more! The course is the perfect certification to complement your wellness practice. Earning your CGP designation lets potential and current clients/patients know that you’re a certified and educated resource for guidance on the topics of gluten, wheat-related disorders, and autoimmunity. Becoming a CGP does not grant any additional legal or accredited specialty status.

Check out our Gluten-Free Learning Course to get professional-level education plus practical how-to guidance on living a gluten-free lifestyle – without the exam or certification.

CGPs find it very helpful to have this certification, as it establishes a niche, credibility, and an area of expertise within their profession. This specialized education can help jump-start or expand your practice by helping patients uncover and address gluten and wheat-related disorders, food and environmental sensitivities, hidden health issues, and autoimmune conditions before it’s too late.

Upon graduation, CGPs enjoy free lifetime access to the CGP Member Center and all of the benefits and support outlined above. This includes frequent live training webinars on functional lab testing, new research, protocols, and other resources, so you can stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, the Member Center contains all of the CGP course content you can reference at any time to refresh your knowledge.

We want our CGPs to stay at the forefront of autoimmunity and wheat-related disorders by learning about the newest research and clinical tools available. CGPs have the option to recertify every 3 years from their anniversary/graduation date for a very modest renewal fee. Renewing your certification also ensures that you keep your listing on the CGP map.

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Why Become a CGP?

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Dr. Tom O’Bryan, founder of theDr.com, is an internationally recognized speaker, best-selling author, and autoimmune expert. Bringing insight with compassion and common sense to the complexities of immune health, he is the modern day Sherlock Holmes for chronic diseases.Having trained tens of thousands of practitioners around the world, his work around wheat-related conditions, identifying triggers for autoimmunity, and eliminating toxins for health have taken center stage. ​His empowering message of healing echoes throughout his best selling book The Autoimmune Fix, his latest best seller You Can Fix Your Brain, his 9-part Betrayal docuseries and his original, groundbreaking event The Gluten Summit.

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