The Functional Medicine Discovery Program


Navigating the testing world of functional medicine can be challenging and confusing. We recommend our clients start with the Functional Medicine Discovery Program.  Within this program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Complete a comprehensive health history questionnaire and 3-day diet diary  
  • Complete a LabCorp Total Immunoglobulin (IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM) Test
  • Participate in a 30-minute appointmentduring this consult you can discuss your health history, ask specific questions, review your test results and immune status and receive more tailored one-to-one direction.


Our functional medicine practitioners are trained to recommend the most appropriate wellness approach for you. This appointment could save you hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars from trying to navigate this on your own.

This program includes:

  • LabCorp Total Immunoglobulin (IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM) Test
  • One 30-minute consultation to review these test results with a Functional Medicine Nutritionist
  • Your personal LivingMatrix Functional Medicine Report and Health Score
  • Client Portal where you can access your records and test results
  • Guidance on the most appropriate next steps for you:
    • Laboratory testing (a la carte)*
    • Functional Medicine Essentials Program*
    • Functional Medicine Premier Program*

*Personalized nutrition and wellness recommendations are only available within the Functional Medicine Essential and Premier Programs.


IMPORTANT NOTES (Read before purchasing)

  • This program is only available to clients residing in the United States
  • Please confirm there is a Labcorp facility in your area:
  • If there is not a Labcorp near you, please email for assistance.
  • Program purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Program must be completed within 3 months of purchase.
  • Your total immunoglobulins test requisition will be created after you have completed:
    • Power2Patient portal registration
    • LivingMatrix questionnaires and 3-day diet diary.
  • Total Immunoglobulin Panel must be drawn at a LabCorp facility.
  • Test results must be received at least one (1) week prior to your consultation.
  • Laboratory testing is not available in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Rhode Island.
  • For full information, please see the Client Information and Guidelines document that will be sent to you after purchase.
I'm in Dr. Tom!
I'm in Dr. Tom!