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and vibrant health!

Welcome to theDr.com Virtual Wellness Clinic and congratulations on taking this important step to optimal health! We are honored to be part of your healing journey. Our goal is to empower you to make conscious decisions about your health and wellness. As a Functional Medicine practice, we work with you to identify and address the root causes of your health symptoms so that you can reach your wellness goals.

Our team has extensive training in Functional Medicine, Nutrition, and Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s ‘4 Pillars of Health’ (Structure, Biochemistry, Emotion, and Electromagnetic Fields). We believe this holistic approach allows for true healing. We pride ourselves in addressing the whole person rather than the disease and in creating authentic partnerships between the client and consultant.

Our practice is unique in the Functional Medicine space because of our boutique approach. We offer test recommendations, test interpretations, and personalized wellness programs. Whether you are newly diagnosed with a health condition or have been on your health journey for many years and are stalled in your efforts to reach true wellness, we invite you to learn more about our services.

We look forward to helping you achieve vitality and optimal health!

Michelle Ross & The Clinical Services Team

We offer multiple programs to assist you on

your healing journey.

TheDr.com Functional Medicine Programs are designed to address the root cause of your symptoms and understand the underlying mechanism of your condition.

Although we get asked about specific disease states, we do not define individuals by their diagnosis. While a diagnosis is valuable in addressing WHAT is going on in your body, our team specializes in understanding WHY you are experiencing these symptoms. It’s only when we know WHY that we can obtain a full health picture and move forward with an action plan that is designed to restore optimal health.

By using our Functional Medicine approach, clients with the following health concerns have reported significant improvements:

  • Adrenal imbalances
  • Autoimmune disease (e.g., celiac disease, MS, RA, Type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s, psoriasis, etc.)
  • Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • Chronic pain disorders (joint, muscle, migraines, etc.)
  • Cognitive decline (brain fog, poor memory, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s)
  • Detox issues
  • Diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Digestive disorders (IBS, SIBO, inflammatory bowel conditions such as Crohn’s and colitis, heartburn, etc.)
  • Gluten- and Wheat-related Disorders
  • Gut Dysbiosis (LPS-Lipopolysaccharides)
  • Headaches and migrains
  • Hormone imbalances (PMS, hot flashes, PCOS, irregular menstrual cycles)
  • Infections (acute ena chronic)
  • Infertility
  • Intestinal permeability “leaky gut”
  • Microbiome imbalances
  • Thyroid imbalances
  • Weight loss

Choose The Program That’s Right For You

theDr.com Functional Medicine Consultation Programs


This program is recommended for those who would like to get started with the initial step toward healing. It includes a health history review and an initial consultation with a Functional Medicine consultant.

*For International Clients. Please see, The Functional Medicine Foundational Program for International Clients



This program will help you discover “what’s been missed” in your
journey to better health. Our Functional Medicine consultants
will recommend functional 
laboratory testing in order to uncover the root cause(s) of your health issues and to assist with creating your personalized wellness plan. You will also meet with our nutritionist and
health coach for support.



This program is recommended if you desire a more comprehensive wellness approach. The Functional Medicine Premier Program is especially recommended for those who are experiencing symptoms or have a chronic health condition. We have found that clients experience the most significant health transformations when they partner with us on an ongoing basis.


*We have a separate Functional Medicine Foundational Program for International Clients. Please click here to learn more…

Laboratory Testing is Important

Our consultants specialize in Functional Medicine laboratory testing. We offer test interpretation consultations that are conducted via our HIPAA-compliant Virtual Wellness Clinic.

How to Select the Right Tests? 

Don’t guess. Test! But what should you test for? Which test(s) will help you to see the whole picture of your current state of health?  

Navigating the testing world of functional medicine can be challenging and confusing. If you would like to only purchase laboratory testing, we recommend starting with the Test Recommendation Consultation.

Functional Medicine testing assists our consultants in addressing the root cause of underlying disorders. Functional Medicine testing may include blood, stool, urine, saliva or hair samples. In-depth testing offers consultants more information about your metabolic, nutritional, and detoxification status as well as further details on your hormonal, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and immune system function. This reliable testing helps to address “why” and “what” led to the present state of illness.

A Word From Dr. Tom


In my 30 years of clinical practice, the most significant health transformations that I have witnessed involve those who are willing to look upstream for the root cause(s) of their health symptoms. This is what Functional Medicine is all about. This practice model is changing the face of healthcare. The question is not “WHAT” is going on with my health and body, but rather “WHY” am I experiencing these symptoms. If you would like to uncover “WHY” you are experiencing symptoms, I invite you to work with my Clinical Services Team. I have trained my team extensively in Functional Medicine, Nutrition, and my own 4 Pillars of Health methodology. I have the utmost confidence in my team’s ability to partner with you and guide you along this healing journey.

Meet Our Consultants

Our consultants are at the forefront of Functional Medicine. They have extensive training in Functional Medicine, Nutrition, and Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s ‘4 Pillars of Health’ methodology (Structure, Biochemistry, Emotion, and Electromagnetic Fields). Additionally, our consultants continue to educate themselves on the latest research findings through the work of Dr. Tom O’Bryan and other highly regarded thought leaders in the field of Functional Medicine. Our approach to healing parallels the latest scientific evidence.

Our consultants also have additional expertise in interpreting functional laboratory testing. In fact, our team specializes in interpreting your results within ‘the bigger picture’ of health and are able to identify potential false interpretations and lab errors.

The consultants at theDr.com focus on addressing the whole person rather than the disease and in creating authentic partnerships between the client and constultant.

We look forward to partnering with you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

TheDr.com Clinical Services Team is virtual. This means all of our appointments take place over Zoom (a HIPAA-compliant video platform), virtually from anywhere in the world!

Currently, due to Dr. Tom’s travel schedule, he is not accepting any new clients. He is referring all requests for consultations to his Clinical Services team.

Our consultants are not licensed medical doctors and cannot provide advice or services specific to this aspect of medicine. All clients must have a primary care provider.

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Even though we get asked about specific diseases, we don’t define people by their diagnosis. Yes, it’s important information to know, but our goal is to assist you with getting to the root cause and understanding the underlying mechanism of your condition.

Unfortunately, we do not accept any form of insurance.

No, unfortunately, we currently do not offer payment plans.

Our programs are specifically designed to assist with finding the root cause of your chronic illness and to provide ongoing support with a variety of staff members, including Functional Medicine consultants, Nutritionists, and Health Coaches. Unfortunately, chronic illness is not resolved in a single session. We have found that clients experience the most significant health transformations when they partner with us on an ongoing basis.

Yes! Once you have completed the Functional Medicine Essentials or Premier Program, you are eligible to purchase Single Session appointments. You can choose to meet with our Functional Medicine consultant, Nutritionist, or Health Coach on an as needed basis.

To inquire about our Single Session appointments, we invite you to email consultations@thedr.com.

Yes! Functional laboratory testing is vital to the success of our programs. Functional testing helps to uncover specific biochemical imbalances, hidden gut infections, and specific nutrient deficiencies. Simply put, functional testing helps us get to the root cause of your health concerns. Without this information, we would be guessing. Instead, we want to know with certainty the imbalances that are causing your symptoms.

We recommend purchasing the a Functional Medicine Program so that our skilled consultants can assist with personalized testing recommendations.

On average, you can expect to spend between $500-$2000 on functional laboratory testing. In some cases, follow-up testing may be necessary to ensure that your personalized wellness plan is effective. Our consultants understand that functional laboratory testing is an investment in your health and will help you prioritize testing based on your budget.

It’s difficult to define how long it takes to heal as each individual is different. There are multiple factors that can determine the length of healing such as your current state of health, level of participation and commitment, health history, lifestyle preferences, genetics, and health goals. Because of this uniqueness, our team always creates personalized wellness plans that are specific to your needs. This means that the healing process can vary, and can even vary drastically for two individuals presenting with the same condition! What we can say with confidence is that clients tend to experience the most significant health transformations when they partner with us on an ongoing basis.

Yes, we offer a Functional Medicine Foundational Program for International Clients. You are responsible for having your medical doctor order Total Immunoglobulin Panel (IgA, IgE, IgG, & IgM) PRIOR to purchasing the Foundational Program. Total Immunoglobulin Panel (IgA, IgE, IgG, & IgM) is a simple blood test that is required prior to ordering any further testing through theDr.com. Any additional tests that are included in your Total Immunoglobulin Panel test report must be converted into U.S. units of measure and reference ranges and translated into English.

The consultant you work with in the Foundational Program will assist you in selecting the most appropriate functional laboratory test for you based on your symptoms and immune function.

Please note that certain tests through our website are only available in the U.S. Click here to learn more about the Functional Medicine Foundational Program for International Clients

No, unfortunately, at this time we are not accepting international clients into our Functional Medicine Discovery, Essentials or Premier Programs.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide health advice through email or social media. If you would like personalized recommendations for testing or guidance with a health issue, we recommend reviewing our Functional Medicine Program offerings.

Yes, our practice does work with children. Our practice also works with parents of children on the autism spectrum.

None of our consultants are functional oncologists and we do not address cancer directly. We are happy to work with clients in a more supportive role and as part of a team but would recommend clients have a physician (conventional or functional) to focus on cancer-specific treatments.

Together we can sort out the pieces.

Let’s get started on your journey to optimal and vibrant health!

I'm in Dr. Tom!
I'm in Dr. Tom!