The Functional Medicine Premier Program

The Premier Program is recommended if you are experiencing symptoms or have a chronic health condition. It is designed to determine your health goals, assess your challenges, review your LivingMatrix Functional Medicine Report, and symptom timeline. Our consultants will recommend functional laboratory testing in order to uncover the root cause(s) of your health issues and to assist with creating your personalized wellness plan. During this program you will also meet with our nutritionist and health coach for support. This is an important step to set your wellness action plan into motion. We have found that clients experience the most significant health transformations when they partner with us on an ongoing basis.

Premier Program Includes:

  • One (1) 60-minute review of your health history and health records prior to your initial consultation by a Functional Medicine Practitioner Consultant.
  • Five (5) 60-minute consultations with a Functional Medicine Practitioner Consultant:

    • Recommend appropriate functional laboratory testing (prices of laboratory tests vary and are not included in the price of this program)
    • Review of recommended test results
    • Personalized wellness recommendations based upon test results, health history, and symptoms.  Recommendations may include a dietary and supplement plan, guidelines on hydration, stress reduction and management, sleep, exercise/movement, as well as reducing electromagnetic fields, chemicals, mold, and toxic metal exposure.)
  • One (1) 60-minute and three (3) 30-minute consultation with a Functional Medicine Nutritionist:

    • Review personalized wellness, dietary and supplement plan based on Functional Medicine Practitioner Consultant recommendations
    • Suggestions and strategies for implementing a dietary plan
  • One (1) 60-minute and two (2) 30-minute coaching calls with a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach:
    • Assist in developing personal wellness goals based on Functional Medicine Consultant recommendations and steps toward achieving these goals
    • Offer support and encouragement to assist with achieving wellness goals
    • Check-in on the accomplishment of wellness goals
    • Assist with finding or creating a support system


  • This program includes a 10% discount on supplements ordered through our online dispensaries

IMPORTANT NOTES (Read before purchasing)

  • This program is only available to clients residing in the United States.
  • Program purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Program must be completed within six (6) months of purchase.
  • Laboratory testing is not available in New York. Additionally, some tests are not available in New Jersey, Maryland, and Rhode Island.
I'm in Dr. Tom!
I'm in Dr. Tom!