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Everyday Habits That Can Damage Your Brain (and how to avoid them)

  • Learn what to do about the everyday toxin: GASOLINE!  The benzene in gas goes through your permeable lungs, into your bloodstream, and right up to your brain, where it causes inflammation, which damages your nerve cells.  Think of that times THOUSANDS of fill-ups over your lifetime!
  • Find out HOW to PROTECT yourself from NEW clothing toxicity! All new clothes are saturated with chemicals that keep bugs off of them during shipping.
  • Discover why you MUST bring your own stainless steel thermal coffee mug to the local coffee shop for your morning fill-up to support your brain!
  • Stop a common, sometimes all-day habit that can lead to heart disease, vitamin D deficiency, and obesity!
  • Find out why your BEDDING could be causing hormone disruptions, lowered IQ, attention deficit, fertility issues, thyroid disease and cancer!
  • And SO much more!  SO much useful information, packed into one downloadable guide.
I'm in Dr. Tom!
I'm in Dr. Tom!