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Your Homeostasis Model Assessment Score (HOMA) is like a warning gauge on your body’s dashboard that can prevent you from developing Diabetes.

  • HOMA score is a measure of insulin resistance. It’s the gauge that will tell you how well the insulin receptors on your cells are working at the present time.
  • Identify if you’ve got a problem long before you are at risk of developing diabetes or dementia, possibly a year before as opposed to 5 or 10 years, which affords you a better opportunity for early detection.
  • The second indicator of this measurement is associated with brain volume diminishment in the area of the brain that supports language (temporal lobe). The smaller the temporal lobes (meaning they’ve been wearing out because of an autoimmune mechanism) the higher the HOMA score is.
  • Factors that may contribute to increasing your HOMA score also include the amount and frequency of the exposure to toxic pollutants and allergens (antigens like gluten).
  • The formula used in the United States is fasting glucose multiplied by fasting insulin, divided by 405 and that will produce your individual HOMA score.
  • The formula used in most of Europe is similar: fasting glucose multiplied by fasting insulin, divided by 22.5 to produce your individual HOMA score.
  • Ideally, your HOMA score should remain below 1.5.

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