Dr. Tom O'Bryan Leaky Gut Challenge

You’re Invited to a BRAND NEW Challenge I’m Hosting All About Healing Leaky Gut, for Good!

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Dr. Tom O'Bryan Leaky Gut Challenge

You’re Invited to a BRAND NEW Challenge I’m Hosting All About Healing Leaky Gut, for Good!

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Need accountability to get your gut in check?

Watch this video for a special invite from Dr. Tom O'Bryan!

Need accountability to get your gut in check?

Watch this video for a special invite from Dr. Tom O'Bryan!


What about diabetes? Yep.
Even Alzheimer’s? Yes.
How about heart disease? That too.

Science shows that if you heal your gut, you boost your immune system (and you reverse IBS, diarrhea, constipation, and serious diseases).

On this challenge, you will know with certainty that you can regain control of your immunity by focusing on your digestive health.

You CAN feel good.
You CAN change your life.
You will finally BREAK FREE from digestive dysfunction when you follow along.

This challenge is for anyone who wants to experience what true wellness feels like.

I understand that you may not believe this is possible for you. All you have to do is try it and see for yourself how quickly your body heals when fed what it really needs.

If you want to boost your immunity, finally lose weight, get rid of disease, this is your chance.

Join me, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, and thousands of people during this incredible
10 Day Leaky Gut Challenge.

It starts March 1, 2022.

Our 3 Pillars of Success


Don’t guess your way to gut health. Oh, no! That takes too long.

Our team has designed a gut healing protocol that will give you relief in 10 days.


Having a group to check in with is worth more than we’re asking.

We’ll push you to try new things and will be here for you when you win or fall.


Your wins will propel you and the group to keep going!

So really, we can’t do this without you. We are healing together!


Dr. Tom O'Bryan Leaky Gut Challenge
  • The 30 Day Gut Reboot PDF
  • Videos from Dr. Tom will include instructions and guidance on what to do.
  • The Autoimmune Fix Recipes
  • Access to the Facebook group to help you stay accountable and inspired.
  • The best part? The support of Dr. Tom’s team to answer your questions in real time and the support you need from your peers.
Leaky Gut Challenge - Dr. Tom O'Bryan

I’m Dr. Tom O’Bryan and I’ve spent the last 40 years helping tens of thousands of people press the reset button on their digestive systems. Now, they live pain-free, have more energy, and reclaimed their cognitive function!

All of this and more is possible for you, too!

We have a 10 Day Leaky Gut Challenge that I’d love to have you be a part of!

What to Expect When You Follow The Plan:

In 1 – 3 days, your body will begin to feel lighter as you avoid the foods that really upset your stomach (allowing you to have more energy)!

In 3 – 7 days, your gut lining will renew itself making nutrient absorption easier.

In 7 – 10 days, brain fog will start to fade so you can focus on your life’s work or family for hours at a time (without needing to set timers to stay focused).


Stop throwing gasoline on the fire

Remove the most common environmental exposures (sugar, dairy, LPS, gluten, stress). Any time you eat a food you’re sensitive to it initiates an inflammatory response. You need to know these foods and cut them from your diet.

Leaky Gut Challenge - Dr. Tom O'Bryan


Turn the genes on to heal the gut

Optional but highly recommened: Start taking colostrum – the only thing on this planet that is known to turn on the genes in your body to start healing the gut on it’s own & start taking our special blend of anti-inflammatory supplements to turn down the dial of inflammation. (More info on this if you join the challenge.)



You need to change the microbiome itself while you are putting out the fire and turning the genes on to heal the gut. Supplements are important. They can help to expedite healing a leaky gut, but you can’t out supplement your diet.


There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all the toxins (foods and habits) that create them.

You surround yourself with positive people who help you stumble towards your best self.

Forget the past.

Focus on the foods that treat you right.

Life is too short to feel anything but energized and at ease in your body. Falling down is part of life and this challenge is you getting back up.

When left unhealed, leaky gut issues can wreak havoc on your nutrient absorption, your memory, and your energy.

If this resonates with you, you are worthy of care, connection, and support around this. On March 1st, the 10 Day Gut Reboot Challenge begins and we are talking about how to heal your digestive system to awaken your energy, nutrient absorption, mood, and focus.

Quit eating crap. End the toxic habits. Join the challenge. Do something different. Follow your gut. Believe in its healing power. Go! Go! Go!

Here's what members of our community have to say about Dr. Tom.

Good morning Dr. Tom, Would just like to say thank you! This time last year I was going through a hell of a time with my gut. Terrible indigestion on a regular basis, feeling as if I had eaten a boulder and the tiredness was doing my heed (scottish for head) in! With two young girls being tired is not an option!

I went to the doctors on a number of occasions and they decided to prescribe omeprazole to mask the problem, sorry help my problem. I decided taking these drugs was not an option for me! So I started googling the life out of it!! Low and behold you started popping up!! Oh and Gluten intolerance!

Your advice has been second to none! You have in my case really simplified what gluten does to my body and now that I have cut it out (which as it appears in lots of foods, some I can’t understand) I have found that my symptoms very quickly reduced and now I’m a year down the line they have gone for the vast majority of the time!! For that I’m truly grateful. I now follow you on YouTube and Instagram, which continues to educate me and the importance of gut health. I look forward to your future advice. Yours faithfully, ~ Gary Christie

Just wanted to tell you that you’re amazing! You are helping so many people all over the world! Including me! Thank you so very much, Dr. Tom O’Bryan! ~ Patricia Puddle

I found you on YouTube a couple of weeks ago and I’m hooked. I listen to you a couple of hours every morning. I am being tested for celiac disease and have been gluten-free for a couple of weeks. Thank you for all of your insight. ~ April Renee

I want to thank you for your existence. I want you to know that functional medicine has changed my life, well the life of my autistic son. So much so that I plan on taking the Functional Medicine Health Coach Certificate and work with my new friend who is now a Functional Medicine Doctor from the Institute of Functional Medicine and spread the word on GI testing and how finding the underlying issues will help eliminate autistic traits.

I hope to be able to meet you one day so I can share this great news with others. Changing my son’s diet has changed him. Food is medicine!! By the way, I’m cooking my rutabaga. I’m Italian and never grew up with these. With love. ~ Rita Mastrangelo

Your Gut Health & Mental Health

Serotonin levels – Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates your mood and impulsiveness. Yet, 90% of your serotonin levels reside in the gut where it also serves the critical role of helping to stimulate contractions that push food through your intestines.

In fact, your gut even releases extra serotonin when you eat a food it considers harmful in order to accelerate those contractions and eliminate it from your body more quickly.

Depression and anxiety are both associated with low serotonin levels. While you may assume that the more of this feel good chemical you have, the happier you will feel, it doesn’t exactly work like that. High serotonin levels can also present symptoms of nervousness and, when toxic, can even be life-threatening. Your goal is managing your depression or anxiety by restoring proper gut health. To achieve this, it is essential to find the right balance of serotonin.

  • Dopamine levels! Similarly, serotonin’s happy little friend dopamine also helps move food along in addition to protecting the mucosal lining of your gut. This neurotransmitter acts like our reward system in our brain, fueling us with happy feelings. When levels are low, you see a lack of motivation. Just as with serotonin, too much dopamine can be harmful; you can experience anxiety with both high levels and low levels of dopamine. Moderation is a beautiful mantra for healthy living, isn’t it?

  • Be mindful that certain foods and drugs beg for more and more dopamine each time in order to get the same happy response.

  • If you turn to that junk food for emotional eating, dopamine could be the reason. Insulin regulates the release of dopamine. Insulin helps you recognize that you are full. When you have brain insulin resistance, your brain doesn’t realize when it is full. Insulin keeps pumping out dopamine, and it becomes a vicious cycle where you need more and more each time. This is yet another example of how the gut-brain connection can be seen at work.

  • Hypoperfusion – Hypoperfusion is a lack of blood flow to the brain, what goes on the end of your fork can be responsible for it. Hypoperfusion can be caused by any food sensitivity. The lack of blood flow needed to nourish your brain can happen in any area of your brain; whichever area it is will suffer the consequences. Most often, hypoperfusion is seen in the frontal lobes, where your personality is expressed. Housing the emotional control center, as well as executive functioning, when your frontal lobes do not get enough blood flow, depression is often the result.

  • In fact, children with celiac have a 40% higher risk of suicide. The #1 symptom of the brain from sensitivity to wheat is depression. Seventy-three percent of people with a sensitivity to wheat have hypoperfusion. Again, hypoperfusion can occur as a result of other food sensitivities as well, not just a wheat sensitivity.

Understanding Intestinal Permeability -
AKA Leaky Gut

Leaky gut is another term for pathogenic intestinal permeability. Your intestines are a tube that begins in the mouth and ends at the other end, twisting and winding around inside your abdomen. If you were to take it out and straighten it, it would be about 20 – 25 feet long. The gut has a lining inside the tube that works like cheesecloth. It strains out large food particles and only allows small molecules to pass through.

Think of proteins like a pearl necklace. Hydrochloric acid, made in our stomachs, undoes the clasp of the pearl necklace. Now you have a string of pearls. Our enzymes act like scissors, snipping away at the necklace and breaking down the proteins into smaller and smaller clumps of the pearl necklace. These enzymes continue snipping the pearl necklace into smaller strands until the pieces are one pearl only (these pearls are amino acids-the raw material for all new cells).

Now that little, individual pearl is ready to pass through the cheesecloth. When you eat, the protein should be fully broken down into pearls of the pearl necklace before proteins get absorbed into the bloodstream. The hydrochloric acid begins the process of breaking down proteins down into individual amino acids. Those amino acids pass through to the small intestines. There they are absorbed and used throughout the body as the raw material to build new cells. Every tissue and organ is made of amino acids.

How does Leaky Gut affect your health?

If you get a tear in the cheesecloth, larger clumps of the pearl necklace can get through into the blood stream. These clumps of pearls (called peptides) are now traveling in your blood stream. Your immune system says ‘WHAT IS THIS’? ‘This isn’t something I can use to make new bone cells, or brain cells, or muscle cells, I better fight this’. Now you start making antibodies to fight this macromolecule, and if this molecule is chicken, you start making antibodies to chicken. Or strawberries. Or cilantro. Or…It doesn’t matter what the food is, if it’s a macromolecule, your immune system, trying to protect you, is going to fight it.

This is a primary reason you develop food &other sensitivities. You develop antibodies to these amino acid peptides. Your body will attack any tissue or organ in your body that matches that same amino acid sequencing.

Along comes the autoimmune mechanism.

What causes Leaky Gut?

Whether it’s diabetes, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or arthritis. Almost every degenerative disease is a disease of inflammation. At the cellular level, it’s always on fire. So the question is, is it a brain cell or a kidney cell? Is it gasoline or kerosene? But when you have this bigger picture understanding, it’s on fire. Then the question always comes up, how do we put the fire out? First, you have to look at what may be fueling the fire.

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