Global Resonance Formulation

Sun Horse Energy’s Adaptogenic Formulas are made from a proprietary blend of whole adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms that are sourced from all over the world. We ensure that not only are our ingredients the highest quality, but also our formulas are made in a manner that produces the maximum beneficial bio-activity. That’s why we patented our process called Global Resonance Formulation®, a method we use to ensure that your body’s cells absorb the broad-acting compounds efficiently.

There are several key features to Sun Horse Energy’s patented Adaptogenic Global Resonance Formulation, which is our proprietary formulation process.

Our G.R. Formulas quantify the effect of each herb to produce a harmonious result in our bodies. Much like individual music notes combine to form chords, and chords can be played in sequence to create melodies which are in mathematical harmony with each other, our globally sourced ingredients are carefully formulated to balance out the effects of each individual herb. The result is a medicinal herbal infusion that allows for a broad protection from stress, enhanced energetic potential for our body’s cells with a powerful yet gentle, balanced, and harmonizing effect on cellular function.

Our intensive research and careful sourcing combined with the ability to maximize bio-availability, via our dual extraction method provides a powerful, synergistic effect of adaptogens in combination, with ease of use. And the taste is quite palatable! Considering you are taking up to 17 tonic herbs, adaptogens and superfoods with some intensely strong bitter and astringent qualities.

Our formulas are dual extracted, which makes the full spectrum of all the healing and protective plant nutrients available for use in the body. In herbs like Gynostemma pentaphyllum for example, an ethanolic extraction in addition to a strong water decoction makes available the full spectrum of saponins, which are among the highest known of any plant. Some of the saponins are water soluble while others are soluble in alcohol.

If it’s not soluble, it’s not bioavailable. And if it’s not bioavailable, it’s not bio-active.

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