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You Can Fix Your Brain

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BONUS #1: The Searchable Transcripts: Autoimmunity, Gluten, The Gut, The Brain, Testing & Other Topics (Valued at $297)

BONUS #2: Pantry Essentials to Stop Inflammation & Build Your Best Brain

BONUS #3: The Best & Worst Foods for Your Brain

BONUS #4: Surprising Everyday Things that Can Damage Your Brain

BONUS #5: An Exclusive 1st Look: 7 Delicious (and Brain Building) Recipes from the book!

BONUS #6: The Autoimmune Fix Recipes! 46 pages of Gluten Free Yummy-ness!

BONUS #7: Vital Cross Contamination Tips to Prevent Gluten Exposure

BONUS #8: Gluten Free – The Daily Wellness Journal

BONUS #9: Protecting Your Brain! A Video Guide to GF Beer and Bread!

BONUS #10: A Searchable Q&A on Toxicity and Its Impact On Your Brain

BONUS #11: Focusing On the Brain

BONUS #12: The Concept of Body Burden

BONUS: #13: 8 Ways Toxins Affect Your Brain

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  • Focusing on the Brain and The Concept of Body Burden
  • Eight Ways Toxins Affect Our Brains
  • The Playbook: A Question Guide To Get You Started And Walk You Through Each Chapter
  • Chapter 1 – Video overview from Dr. Tom
  • Exercise & Your Brain: Movement and Momentum!
  • Special Access to my Gluten Summit – dozens of audios for easy learning!

Early Praise For You Can Fix Your Brain:

“Dr. Tom O’Bryan masterfully guides the reader to the goal of achieving a better brain! While built on the most leading edge research in the neurosciences, the action plan presented in You Can Fix Your Brain is straightforward and easily implemented. This information, delivered at a time when we are basically empty handed with respect to a brain fix from the pharmaceutical world, gives the tools that can truly help improve brain function.” ~ David Perlmutter, MD, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Grain Brain and Brain Maker

“Many useful insights here….An excellent resource for anyone who wants to do all that they can to heal and repair their brain! Highly recommended.” ~ Terry Wahls MD, author of The Wahls Protocol

“Recent discoveries in neuroscience have taught us that the brain can heal itself and become more resilient when given the right environment. And remarkable clinical studies have also shown that we can reverse not only prevent conditions such as depression and dementia with dietary and lifestyle changes. This wonderful book harnesses the cutting-edge practice of functional medicine to give you a roadmap for translating these discoveries into immediately actionable changes that can transform and future-proof your mental health, now, and for a lifetime.” ~ Professor Benjamin I. Brown, UK College of Nutrition and Health, Author of The Digestive Health Solution

“Dr. Tom is always ahead of the health curve, connecting the dots in unique and insightful ways. In You Can Fix Your Brain, he brings together a combined autoimmune and toxicity angle into optimizing brain health, which is scientifically solid and easy-to-follow with just a one hour a week time investment. He traverses the continuum from body to mind to environment with thoughtful techniques and quick tips. Follow the health puck with this incredible book!” ~ Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCP, author of Whole Detox and The Rainbow Diet

“Once again Dr. Tom O’Bryan has crafted a resource that is equal parts inspiring and practical in helping people take action towards changing their health trajectory.” ~ James Maskell, Founder and CEO, Evolution of Medicine

“Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s new book, You Can Fix Your Brain, is highly informative. From exposure to toxins in the air, water, food, cleaning, and personal care products, mold, food sensitivities including wheat, which causes damage to your gut and thus potentially your brain in nearly every one of us, to poor diet, and unhealthy mindset, Dr. Tom really lays it out with a set of solutions to take back your brain health. He even points out the importance of poor posture and spinal misalignments on affecting central nervous system function, which as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I especially appreciate.” ~ Ben Weitz, DC, CCSP, CSCS Sports Chiropractor, Functional Medicine practitioner and host of the Rational Wellness podcast 

“I highly recommend Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s new book. Yes, it is possible for you to not only prevent but reverse cognitive decline, and Dr. Tom has hit the nail on the head in his comprehensive approach to healing your brain!” ~ Dr. Jill Carnahan, Teaching Faculty, Institute for Functional Medicine course on Reversing Cognitive Decline

“This book is a must-read for anyone interested in preserving brain health and preventing neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. O’Bryan applies functional medicine principles and offers a comprehensive guide to healing the brain by healing the gut, reducing toxic load, and putting out the fire of inflammation. It’s filled with practical tips, personal stories and tasty, easy to prepare recipes.” ~ Sandra Scheinbaum, Ph.D., IFMCP, CEO, Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

“Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s new book gives you all the tools to fix it but perhaps take your brain age back several decades. What he proposes is easy to read and understand, even if your brain is not working well right now! There is hope as this book takes you on the journey of revitalization of that important organ. The commonalities of brain function, dysfunction and treatment are very similar to Cardiovascular Disease, which is my specialty, and I know that these treatment recommendations will work for both. I strongly recommend this book to you.” ~ Mark C. Houston MD MS MSc FACP FAHA FASH FACN FAARM ABAARM, ABCCH. Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical School

“Dr. Tom has written another timeless book, and this one is precious to me. Every word is relevant and applicable to what’s happening with millions of people today, or just about everyone. This book is for every person with a health concern who wants to do something about it, and especially for those in the health industry. What Dr. Tom says will ring true for just about every reader, yet he is full of surprises, such as his thoughts on why autism is on the rise. Not only will Dr. Tom’s book teach you how to fix your brain, it will help you fix any and every health problem that is lifestyle based, or at least improve it to the best it can be. If anatomy, physiology and biochemistry are not your strength, don’t worry. Dr. Tom speaks to us in very user-friendly and convincing terms, using analogies and stories that allow for complete understanding. I’ve been teaching functional medicine for over ten years and only hope I come across so clearly to my trainees. His description of how the “collateral damage” of the immune response can eventually put us on the “autoimmune spectrum” is spot on. To praise his book enough I’d have to write a whole chapter, so allow me to commend Dr .Tom for what will surely be a best seller for years to come.” ~ Reed Davis (Reed is a Nutritional Therapist and Founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Certification Course.)

“Dr. Tom O’Bryan has spent decades helping his patients get healthy, and now his practice has expanded to include the whole world. In this comprehensive and easily accessible book, he provides an overview of the factors that influence brain health, and simple steps he recommends to improve your cognitive function now and for the long term.” ~ Ocean Robbins, CEO, Food Revolution Network