March 12, 2014

The Dark Side of Wheat – A Critical Appraisal of the Role of Wheat in Human Disease, by Sayer Ji, founder of

Part I: New Perspectives On Celiac Disease & Wheat Intolerance The globe-spanning presence of wheat and its exalted status among secular and sacred institutions alike differentiates this food from all others presently enjoyed by humans. Yet, the unparalleled rise of wheat as
January 30, 2014

Gluten Sensitivity: Fantasy, Fad, Fiction or Fact?

Review all 19 research articles from our Livestream Event: Gluten Sensitivity: Fantasy, Fad, Fiction or Fact?   Read the full article Here.
January 4, 2014

Gluten Sensitivity without Celiac Disease: Is It a Fad?

By Dr. Tom O’Bryan THE MYTH: Gluten Sensitivity without Celiac Disease is a Fad THE TRUTH: Non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) is not only real, but experts also tell us it is the most common (and non-recognized) condition in the family of gluten-related
September 3, 2009

Vitamin D and The Swine Flu

Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, a nationally recognized speaker specializing in Gluten Sensitivity, discusses the benefits of Vitamin D in relation to the Swine Flu. He also links the outbreak from the early 1900’s to our present day flu.
I'm in Dr. Tom!
I'm in Dr. Tom!