December 7, 2018
NEW BOOK on Labs & Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition for Pelvic Pain

NEW BOOK on Labs & Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition for Pelvic Pain!

After many years in practice, working with women who are often navigating pelvic pain, it’s important to me to share Dr. Jessica Drummond’s new book: “Nutrition for Relieving Pelvic Pain – Fueling The Patient / Practitioner Healing Partnership”. For less than $10,
December 1, 2018
PIQUE TEA - The Gift of Health

PIQUE Tea – The Gift of Health

One effective way to prevent autoimmune conditions is by improving your gut health. And one of the simplest and easiest foods where you can find such nutrients is in tea. Unfortunately, most conventional teas contain excessive pesticides and heavy metals…and that’s just
November 19, 2018
Women's Heart Health

The Cutting-Edge Tests to know if your HEART is HEALTHY?

In fact, did you know that heart disease still the #1 killer of women? It outpaces breast cancer, diabetes and stroke COMBINED. Imagine the Thanksgiving table without you – or missing your favorite aunt or cousin.  Heartbreaking, right? Recently, my Director of
November 15, 2018
12 Scent Smell Test.

What you don’t smell can tell you a lot about your brain’s future.

Did you know that a reduced or loss of your sense of smell is not an indication that your nose isn’t functioning properly, but rather, that your brain isn’t. Imagine if, before showing early signs of memory loss (”where did I put
November 12, 2018

Protect Yourself – And Those You Love – It’s Flu Season!!

Yes, it’s flu season again. I want to remind you that there are some simple steps you can take that can have a profound impact for protecting your family, and lessening the impact of the flu, if you do get sick. First,
November 8, 2018
Can Your Life Be BETTER? Is your own brain killing you?

Can Your Life Be BETTER? Is your own brain killing you?

What if the chronic illnesses and diseases, mood disorders, and conditions like brain fog, fatigue, memory issues, movement disorders and dementia… could be a thing of the past? If you’d like to hear more and create MASTERY over your brain health, CLICK HERE. Right
October 24, 2018

2018 Gluten-free Candy List

Halloween 2018 looming like a goblin, the search for gluten-free candy selections in underway. Each year on Halloween our little goblins and ghosts, or perhaps in today’s world, Spongebob and Jo Jo the Clown, head out into the cool crisp late October
September 18, 2018

Review of Three Pediatric Wheat-Related Disorder Cases with Disparate Clinical Manifestations

ABSTRACT The consumption of wheat-based products is high in most Western countries (e.g. Europe, United States) and is increasing in Eastern countries as a consequence of a shift toward a Western lifestyle. Historically, Wheat-Related Disorders (WRD) referred only to wheat allergy and
June 8, 2016

The Conundrum of Gluten Sensitivity and Autoimmunity, Why the Tests are Often Wrong.

 Many of us believe that the toxic peptides of gluten found in wheat, rye and barley may detrimentally affect any tissue in the body and are not restricted to the intestines. As a matter-of-fact, one
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