What is Fog Cutter?

A tool for modern-day stress and proper cognition for the people that like natural solutions.
The adaptogenic herbs for balance and homeostasis coupled with herbs for cognitive health that have been proven time and again through clinical studies to have properties that improve learning ability and memory.


What Makes Fog Cutter so Unique?


  • Only approximately 1 in every 400 herbs is an Adaptogen.

  • Adaptogens are substances that produce a nonspecific biological response to help the body resist multiple factors and types of stress. 

  • Adaptogens are not target-specific like drugs. Instead, they beneficially affect the entire body.

  • Adaptogens have a normalizing influence on the body.

  • Fog Cutter contains 17 different herbs that act as Adaptogens

I have created this pdf for you to learn more about the science behind adaptogens. It contains 22 different published scientific articles that support the research that has been done on the value of adaptogens. I hope you read this and share it with your healthcare practitioner.

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Fog Cutter is just one of the amazing products that you can find at SunHorse Energy!

I'm in Dr. Tom!
I'm in Dr. Tom!