Optimum Immune Protection

Did you know that toxins commonly found in your home can overwhelm your immune system and force it to be “on call” 24/7?

And this is NOT what your body was genetically designed to do.

What happens when our bodies are overwhelmed?

It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Your immune system becomes unable to fight off simple stuff, like viruses. It takes us longer to recover, and sometimes, some people don’t recover.

Other conditions like autoimmunity may appear – or flare up – due to a weakened state.

Toxicity is one thing you can reduce to help your body cope. How?

There are nearly 250 pounds of chemicals produced or imported to the U.S. each day, per person. That’s right! That’s 250 lbs of toxic chemicals being dumped on you each day.

The same goes for each of your loved ones.

We are surrounded by toxins, to the point that, upon the day of its birth, a newborn baby is born having over 180 toxic chemicals in their body.

Toxins can take many forms:

  • Heavy Metals
  • Air Pollution
  • Foods
  • Pesticides
  • And more.

And while nobody expects you to have control over your neighbor’s truck spewing out exhaust fumes, you do have some control over your own home and environment.

This is an area where you can lower your body burden and make an impact – reduce toxicity and SUPPORT your immune system – something we should ALL be doing during this crisis.

I want every person in my community – no – in the world – to have access to these five simple “one sheets” which will walk you, room by room, through your home and offer you small changes to make that have BIG impact and free your immune system, one small step at a time. The best thing you can do is reduce toxicity and HEAL YOUR GUT. More than 70% of your immune system lives in your gut! One of the most important products you could begin (or continue) right now is my GS Support Packets. These packets are LOADED with 23 different nutrients that will trigger ANTI-inflammation and heal the gut. Thousands of people are using this now, all around the world, and we get testimonials every day. Definitely check it out!

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